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New: Vans unveils their latest silhouette – the Zahba

Posted on Apr 23, 2023 in Vans

For those who’ve been with me since I’ve started this journey know that I’m a stickler for footwear innovation. I find it quite remarkable that brands, footwear designers put in the work to improve on what we use for sport or daily use. Earlier in the week, our friends from Vans reached out with their latest shoe – the Zahba.

While the general silhouette looks a lot like other Vans sneakers, the Zahba is filled with tech for both skateboarders and non-skateboarders alike. The shoe features ImpactWaffle™ technology with VR3 dual-density cushioning – made to provide enhanced grip and adurability. This specific color was made for Vans rider Zion Wright. The shoe features some space themes (both on the insole and throughout the shoe) of his hometown in Jupiter, Florida.

To further the story of Zion Wright, Vans created a short film titled We’re from Here brings into focus Zion’s impact on skateboarding and the future progression of the sport as he and those closest to him take us down memory lane in Jupiter, Florida.

The Vans Zion Wright Zahba is now available across Vans stores around the metro for Php 8,498.