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Check It: Vans just opened a new store at Glorietta

Posted on Nov 25, 2022 in Vans

November’s been a pretty busy month in the world of sneakers. With brands creating activations left and right, it’s fair to say that things are really opening up.

In case you missed it, skate brand Vans recently opened their newest store at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 3, Makati City. To mark the new store, Vans partnered with Filipino artist Lee Caces to create a digital mural essentially celebrating the Filipino’s creativity and passion. This is the brand’s first-ever collaboration with a Filipino artist, further their work in working with local creatives, be it from the music or arts scene.

Lee Cases poses in front of the Digital Mural Bakunawa
Lee Cases’ Digital artwork Bakunawa

As shared to us, the mural depicts the Bakunawa floating above an abstract cityscape, causing vibrant flora to grow around skateboarders, surfers and BMX riders. The creature’s dark hues contrast the vibrancy of the people below it, whose colorful energy creates a sense of balance and dynamism with the Bakunawa. Caces shared his inspiration for choosing the mythical serpent as the mural’s subject: “The Bakunawa playfully cascades the city, adorning it with nature, enlightening the rising generation to live in harmony with the gods of creation.”

Reiterated further by the brand’s COO Tina Ortiz, art has been in Vans’ DNA, bringing the youthful creativity of the streets into its design philosophy and supporting the music and visual arts scenes through projects like the Warped Tour, House of Vans, and Off the Wall. By showcasing the work of Filipino artist Lee Caces in our newest store, we are adding the Philippines’ unique voice into Vans’ creative portfolio and amplifying it to the rest of the world. We look forward to collaborating with more local artists in the months to come.”

Do drop by the new Vans store at Glorietta 3 and see the latest footwear and apparel.