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When the Fam Wins, We all Win – a Titan Event Recap

Posted on Sep 13, 2022 in Titan

Call it Hoop Dreams 2022.

For those who may not have known me outside of Sole Movement, you might not have known that I also worked in sports broadcasting. For a good portion of the last two decades, I had the privilege to be a part of (almost) every major sporting event in and around the world. Yes, it was definitely a “dream job”, and I cherished every minute of it. I was fortunate to be in the middle of all the notable basketball events – FIBA, PBA, NBA, All-Star Weekends, Olympics, Athlete visits, NBA Global Games. Name it, I was blessed to be in the same building with all the greats. The love for the game and craft fueled me (and our talented team) to create such platforms such as Basketball TV/NBA Premium HD, and this site you’re reading now.

For a good portion of my working life, I felt that my output would lead to inspiring the future to dream and strive to be better, greater even. I reveled in the fact that in my own small way, I had a hand in this foundation-forming exercise. Whether they wanted to be like their heroes and play ball, or dream that they could one day work in a field that they were passionate in.

When the fam wins, we all win.

That same role got me up close to brands like Titan, who over the last decade+ continue to change the game their way. From bringing the best products and experiences to hoopers across the country and to the world, it’s definitely been a journey. I’m glad to call them friends, moreso family.

Coming into the ‘Beyond the Seas: Kings, Queens & Hoop Dreams’ Premiere/Sneaker Launch, I sort of had an idea what to expect. Call it the cookie cutter concept – Pinoy Hoops + Big Brand = Amazing Shoe. Everybody goes home happy.

Boy was I wrong.

Life definitely recognizes humbling and teaching moments. The short film definitely made me feel proud of the accomplishments our friends from Titan had achieved. I don’t know why I got extra sentimental when I saw the kids take the stage and have their lives told through the short film. You knew their camp experience was altering their career trajectory in some way, shape or form. The experience gained from this camp made an impact for sure, as long as they continue to stay commited, beyond the seas.

If you haven’t seen the short 15-minuter (watch below), Jeff Cariaso’s words echoed long after the film ended. Being committed to the game, to your craft, and re-committing yourself will eventually (and hopefully) take you places. This film – everyone who put the work in – from the writers, producers, artists, and everyone in between – is a testament to their commitment to the game all these years.

As the shot film ended, the shoe – the Titan x Nike LeBron 19 Low ‘Beyond the Seas’ – was made available to the public. Guests were able to purchase their shoe on-site, which came in special packaging bundled with a couple of other things. Nike also put up a special SNKRS spot where members got a free keychain of the LeBron 19 Low and a SNKRS tote.

Free swag and snacks aside – the event felt extra special. I guess it was a culmination of what our life has been the last 2+ years. The premiere meant so much more — as it would be the first time we all got together, and celebrate our wins. It was great seeing friends and share stories, something we rarely got to do because of this pandemic.

As I’ve said time and time again, when the fam wins, we all win.