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New: the Titan x Casio G-Shock collab is just around the corner

Posted on Oct 10, 2023 in Titan

After dropping their latest collaboration with Nike Basketball and LeBron James (who wore the ‘Titan Hoops Fair’ NXXT Gens during his Preseason debut earlier today), TITAN recently unveiled their upcoming collaboration with Casio, the Casio G-SHOCK x TITAN 22 DW-5600TIT.

An homage to the brand’s For Love of the Game spirit, the limited edition timepiece feature the Titan Lightning Fist logo on the face, while the lightning pattern can be seen on the strap of the 5600. The special watch also comes in a special gold packaging and box, showcasing Casio and Titan’s brand effects throughout. The back of the watch also features special engraving of a TITAN ‘World Champions’ logo with For Love of the Game to cap it off.

The Casio G-SHOCK x TITAN 22 DW-5600 is set to drop this Monday, October 16, and will be made available on,, as well as the TITAN Flagship store at One Bonifacio. The watch retails for Php 8,500.