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Nike (M): One of the more powerful collections I’ve seen in a while

Posted on Aug 8, 2022 in Nike

Let’s get one thing clear:

I am not a mother.

So why am I saying this is powerful? I’m not even the target market. But in its truest form, Nike finds ways to really solve problems, provide solutions with the athlete/person/you in mind. For those who aren’t familiar, Nike’s got a maternity collection, Nike (M).

Nike (M) was launched back in 2020, helping women across the world during their pregnancy and beyond. Nike took the time to really understand the data behind the different body types of pregnant and non-pregnant women, getting the best possible fit, feel and function for women all around.

“Being a mother isn’t a one size fits all role, and we applied that mindset with our inclusive design approach while creating the Nike (M) collection,” says Carmen Zolman, Nike VP of Innovation Apparel Design. “The more we listened to expecting mothers and postpartum mothers, the more we learned and reworked the capsule to fully support her relationship with sport and movement during such a transformative time in her life.”  

Nike acknowledges that motherhood banners in the next stage of a woman’s relationship with her body. Nike (M) was designed for that period in their lives. The latest collection includes the Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh (M) Bra, Nike Dri-FIT (M) Tank, Nike Dri-FIT (M) Pullover, Nike Dri-FIT One (M) Leggings, and Nike Dri-FIT One (M) Shorts.

It’s just powerful when you know there’s something out there made for you (in this case, for women entering and living motherhood), at the right moment that you need it. Nike, hats off to you for this.

The Nike (M) collections drops tomorrow, August 9th, via and in retail stores across Manila starting September 2022.

Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh (M) Bra
Nike Dri-FIT (M) Tank
Nike Dri-FIT (M) Pullover
Nike Dri-FIT One (M) Leggings
Nike Dri-FIT One (M) Shorts