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New: Titan re-releases two iconic silhouettes from the ’90s for 2023

Posted on Apr 27, 2023 in Nike

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — the 90s was the Golden Age of Sneakers/Sneaker Design. While the Air Jordan line paved the way for brands to think outside the box during the 80s, the 90s was on steroids, bringing design, technology and innovation on a whole other level. And it’s not just Nike who made wonders during that period, every single brand had something to show for and that lay the groundwork for what we wear today.

With retro collections coming back every so often, Nike Basketball/Nike Sportswear brought back two favorites for 2023 — the Air Flight Huarache OG and the Air Max Penny. The Huarache broke traditional molds for basketball sneakers when it brought the construction from their running shoe to basketball. Tinker Hatfield and Eric Avar loved the neoprene booties used for water skis they decided to apply the concept to a running shoe. While the suits at Nike weren’t initially sold to the unconventional design, it was well-received by marathon runners that used shoe, prompting Nike to transition to the design to basketball a year later. The Air Flight Huarache debuted in ’92, seen on the feet of Michigan’s famed Fab 5, further pushing the shoe’s place in sneaker history.

A couple of years later, Anfernee ‘Penny’ Hardaway made waves in the NBA. Prompting Nike to look for an ‘Air’ Apparent to Michael Jordan. Hardaway was next in line and they designed the Air Max Penny aka the Penny 1. Penny had one of the best signature runs for the brand and for Nike to continue to retro the shoe to this day further cements the Air Max Penny’s place in sneaker lore.

The Air Flight Huarache and Air Max Penny are back in 2023, with the shoe retailing for Php 7,095 and Php 9,595 respectively. Head on over to Titan stores, TITAN22.COM or the TITAN App to pick them up.