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LOOM FOOTWEAR – the ultimate shoe for travel and the elements

Posted on Dec 31, 2021 in Loom Footwear

Let’s travel back to February 2020. I took a quick R&R trip to nearby Bohol and like any other sneaker aficionado, I struggled to figure a) which pairs to bring along and b) how many pairs to bring with me during this trip. To much dismay, I ended up bringing 3 pairs for this quick 4-day trip. What a waste of luggage space!

To be honest, we should really be traveling with one pair, you know, because the luggage capacity isn’t that great. Of course, if you are traveling on a personal private jet, the matter is different. Now I can’t stop wondering how much does it cost to own a private jet? Maybe, someday. Someday I might own a private jet with more than enough luggage space for my footwear. For now, I can get used to traveling with one pair. Screw it that they get scuffed and dirty along the way. But does that shoe really exist? So during this pandemic, I tried to figure out what should this travel-friendly shoe tick off that proverbial checklist:

  1. The shoe should be lightweight. This rule is more of a general sneaker rule. Gone are the days of clunky, heavy sneakers. Lightweight shoes are a must when you travel. At the end of the day, do you really want to lug around anything that’s over 20oz?
  2. The shoe should be versatile. Or should I say practical? Whether you’re going for a quick city trip or a trip to the outdoors, the shoe should look good (or at the very least half decent) with whatever you have in your travel wardrobe. That way, you don’t have to pack multiple pairs for different activities. Unless you’re a high profile celebrity or shoefluencer (which 99% of us are not), one sneaker for that 2-week holiday trip to Japan or Europe should be enough.
  3. The shoe should be waterproof. Okay, this is where it gets tricky. We’ve worked with brands like Jason Markk, Crep Protect, and such before that can provide this solution to your everyday sneaker. But these sprays have limits. Yes, I do swear on them that they work, but you do have to re-apply them every so often and doesn’t truly protect you from splashes past the midsole. Sure, it protects you from the occasional drip of water here and there, but it’ll still require some sneaker acrobatics from your end to dodge a greater deal of liquid coming your way.

With that being said, it’s quite tough to actually find a shoe that can deliver on most. I went through this trail runner phase a while back as it sort of addressed most of my needs, but sometimes the versatility was lacking as they didn’t look good with some of the fits I brought with me.

Enter Loom Footwear.

As I was scouring the innernets for this lightweight/versatile/waterproof shoe, I came across Loom Footwear. At first, it seemed to be too good to be true. Sure, it doesn’t look like your Js or your hype sneaker, but it does address the three items on the checklist. The shoe promised to be lightweight, versatile, and water-proof. For some reason, they also reached out and got me intrigued. Still skeptical of the promise, I called their bluff to see what they’re about.

They sent me a pair to try out.

At first glance, they do look like your everyday runner (which is a plus as it can go with anything, thus making them easy to wear). They were pretty lightweight and was eager to test them if they truly were waterproof.

They worked!

Being used to how waterproof sprays work, I thought water or the liquids would ‘bounce off’ the upper when it made contact. I was a bit alarmed that it sort of absorbed the water….BUT my feet didn’t get wet. Loom prides themselves with the shoe’s inner layer, keeping your foot snug and free of any leaks into the sneaker. The shoe’s inner bootie’s made with merino wool and an H2-Go waterproof layer to assure us of keeping our feet dry when faced with the elements. In terms of the shoe’s cushioning, Loom shared that they use an Exelcast sole, which provides proper support and energy return. Oh, and Loom’s all about sustainability. The shoe’s made of eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices to reduce each pair’s carbon footprint by over 500%.

While I haven’t really gone out of town to try them out, I have worn the sneaker several times out and they have been pretty comfortable when compared to the big box sneaker brands we’re used to. I can definitely see this shoe being an all-arounder for those who have tons of things to do on their trip, whether it’s an entire day of sightseeing or putting in that quick run at the hotel gym.

If you’re looking for that one pair, this might be it. For more information on Loom Footwear, click here to try them out. Oh, did I tell that they only cost $99? Definitely not bad if th shoe ticks off the same boxes for that all-around sneaker you plan on bringing to your next trip or your Marie Kondo-ing efforts this 2022!

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