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New: Titan and Chi Gibbs honor the country’s greatest from the ’54 games

Posted on Oct 15, 2022 in Jordan Brand

Hot and Fresh! After months and months of waiting, trying to figure out the story behind the colorway, we finally have the story. Sharing with you the official press release for the upcoming Air Jordan 2 Low ‘TITAN’.

In the Philippines, much of our culture is rooted in honoring family – in our values, our traditions, and our belief in the greatness that’s within all of us. Greatness that comes from generations past, shaped in the present with every moment and opportunity; greatness yet to be realized.

Our love for family is matched only by our certainty that the next generation will find their own greatness and continue the legacy, blazing new paths to surpass far greater heights. As the baton gets passed, the journey and the way in which the race is run – evolves and changes, adapts, and disrupts.

With their second collaborative project with Jordan Brand, TITAN bridges past, present and future, honoring history and celebrating a legacy that continues to unfold. This timeless take on the iconic Air Jordan 2 is inspired by the country’s beloved 1954 Basketball World Championship team, reimagined by the unique vision and style of Chi Loyzaga-Gibbs. Chi is a designer, artist, musician and granddaughter of Filipino basketball hero, Caloy Loyzaga. “The Big Difference” led the Philippine Team to a bronze medal finish in that now-historic tournament in Brazil.

Decades later, TITAN helps honor that achievement with the Air Jordan 2 Low and a six-piece apparel set. The collection is inspired by the 1950’s – an homage to the greatest team in our history and a representation of Chi’s modern signature style, with a play on colors, materials and original illustrations that celebrate the widespread influence that basketball has on art, culture, and everyday life. Premium suede, richly textured corduroy and crisp leather combine with a speckled midsole in a color palette that’s straight out of the 50’s. Chi’s trademark tropical aesthetic and original artwork live on the shoe and in the apparel, connecting the spirit of Air Jordan, her unique perspective on our nation’s legendary podium moment, and TITAN’s love of the game. Chi’s interpretation of the AJ2 honors history while at the same time creates a new chapter of greatness all her own.

Spread the love. Step into greatness. Make history. Make history your own way. Make History Proud.
The Air Jordan 2 Low ‘TITAN’ retails for PHP11,895.00. To be notified of the upcoming release, click here. Make sure to follow us and Titan (@titan_22) on Instagram for more information.