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New: Jordan Brand officially unveils the Tatum 2

Posted on Dec 25, 2023 in Jordan Brand

Sometimes, it’s better the 2nd time around.

Jayson Tatum is set to debut his second signature shoe, the Tatum 2, today as he plays on Christmas Day. Designed for Tatum’s game which is all about efficiency and durability, the new shoe harps on this to further elevate his game to another level.

“One quality that Tatum deserves a ton of credit for is his durability,” says Derek Foster, Senior Product Line Manager at Jordan Brand. To keep Tatum at the top of the league but still efficient in all aspects of his gmae, the Tatum 2 uses a full-length Air Strobel unit for cushioning, especially for explosive moves on the court.

“Jayson is one of the best two-way players in the league with a high usage rate, so he needs a long-lasting ride to help keep him fresh for the long season,” says Bryant Klug, Expert Footwear Designer at Jordan Brand. “That’s what the Air Strobel does so well. The smooth heel-to-toe transition is also a key feature of the Air Strobel, which fits with Jayson’s priority to wear a shoe that moves as one with his foot.” Taking inspiration from Tatum’s efficiency on court, the design team got inspired by the movement of a jellyfish, which doesn’t waste motion with its movements in its surroundings.

At first glance, the shoe’s big and bold design is reminiscent of footwear from the golden age (read: 90s). Being a fan of the area, Tatum was ecstatic to see the shoe and how they fit once he tried them on. Looking into the shoe’s design, the upper uses large foam and textile pods, placed strategically in areas that experience high pressure. The sidewalls are pretty high, which helps to stabilize the foot for multidirectional movement, while providing some give and not limiting mobility. When we asked the design team about the foam material, it truly was meant to provide soft materials in those high-stress areas (from the pinky toe and arch).

“We were inspired by Jayson’s calmness in clutch situations and sought to bring to life that ‘no pressure’ feeling and deliver it to anyone who wears the Tatum 2,” says Klug.

The outsole features a modified herringbone tractin pattern, keeping the shoe light but providing proper traction in areas where athletes like Jayson need its most. Do note that the Tatum 2 remains the lightest across the Jordan Brand peformance line.

“For me, this second shoe represents evolution and how much I’ve grown as a player,” says Tatum. “I’m always building on my skills so I can be better than who I was yesterday. I hope consumers appreciate how much we put into this one.” 

What’s great about the Tatum line is that it uses a collapsible tailgate on the heel, making it easy for kids to get in and out of. The Tatum 2 ‘Vortex’ colorway is set to release on April 4 while the ‘Momma’s Boy’ colorway is set to drop on March 5.