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New: Devin Booker’s got his own Chuck 70

Posted on Apr 11, 2023 in Converse

Everybody needs a classic. Even style icons like Devin Booker.

It’s been well documented ever since the tunnel fit’s been a thing. DBook’s been a staple and one of the staples on his feet are the Chuck 70s (in fact, he’s even shared to a lot that the Chuck 70’s one of his favorite sneakers of all time). Converse has teamed up with Booker to bring his own vision of a Chuck 70 to life.

At first glance you’d think there wasn’t much done to the silhouette. But that’s where Devin’s creative expression lies. He stripped down the shoe to a clean, undyed canvas for that timeless look. If you’ve been around a clean pair of Chucks, you know how versatile they can be — you can paint, bleach, or add your own details to it – making it truly your own.

The Devin Booker Chuck 70 replaces the heat-pressed CTAS patch for an embroidered one, as well as a clean tape midsole, void of the pinstripe on the midsole and bumper. One interesting detail (not seen here) is the ‘Pretty Penny’ Arizona licence plate found on the heel. This is a reference to the licence plates found on the first vintage car he purchased.

The Devin Booker x Converse Chuck 70 will be available beginning April 14 at Converse (Rockwell and Glorietta), Titan, and Foot Locker. The shoe retails for Php 4,990.