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Here’s what you missed at the adidas JG4 Manila Tour – Manila Culture Experience

Posted on Aug 14, 2022 in Adidas

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few days, you would’ve completely missed out on adidas athlete and NBA star Jalen Green’s homecoming. After his Press Conference at the adidas Brand Center in Glorietta, fans, media and the different communities came through at the Manila Culture Experience situated at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay rooftop. Whether you were a fan of sneakers, hoops, music, art, cars and food (yes, who doesn’t love food?), the event definitely had something for everyone.

As we stated, this is one of the bigger sneaker events to happen after 2+ years (the first one being the Manila Sneaker Expo last April) – the first athlete visit at that – and it was just great to be around like-minded folk throughout the day. adiClub members and guests had to enter through the 7th floor and was greeted by the #JG4ManilaTour key art designed by V.O.N. Once you take the elevator up to the rooftop, you’ll immediately see the artwork created by Quiccs, Egg Fiasco, Apok, and the rest of the Hidden Fortress Manila crew.

As we were going through the installation, the one and only BigBoy Cheng was on court, shooting hoops in this visually pleasing court. Sanchupapa definitely didn’t disappoint, wearing the recently released adidas x Gucci acetate jacket and matching Gazelle.

The entire rooftop was sprawling with souped up cars, including Quiccs’ Three-striped Nissan. Car enthusiasts from Stance Pilipinas/Manila Fitted definitely didn’t disappoint, giving another side to what Manila Culture is all about.

The JG4 Manila Tour merch was also available at the event, along with displays of upcoming releases. It was also a makeshift adidas Maker Lab, where you can customize your wares to fit the event. As adidas wanted to Jalen to get the full experience, Green and guests were also treated to Manila’s finest streetfood – from BBQ, fishballs, taho, bibingka, and sorbetes among others.

Jalen Green definitely drove in style, riding in the Nissan Sylvia that matches the car seen on the tee. Fans immediately flocked his way, as he threw up a couple of shots, got in hundreds of photo ops in with fans, friends and everyone in between. Both Quicss and Bigboy gifted Jalen with their art toys (Quiccs below with the custom MEGA TEQ 63 specially made for Green, Bigboy with the BE@RBRICK Sorayama).

Jalen finally made it to the stage with hosts Vince Velasco (@vincevelasco23) and Tin Gamboa (@suzy899), and were joined by yours truly and adidas athlete/broadcaster Diego Dario (@diego5dario). We talked shop, discussed his favorite kicks on court (the BYWs last season), his Mt. Rushmore of Sneaker Kings (Adam Sandler, himself, PJ Tucker, and one yet to be named – you still owe me one, Jalen), and his message to young athletes that continue to grind and aim for their dreams. Not to be outdone by his Crazy 1s, Jalen had a yet to be released Forum Low, that looks to be a collaboration with our friends at Commonwealth (more on this soon!). To end the night, superfans also made the stage and gifted Green with a signed Manny Pacquiao glove. Jalen mentioned he used to watch all of Manny’s fights with his mom.

But more than anything, what truly made this event was a success were the people. From the various communities that put this together, the athletes, the brand partners (retailers, tastemakers, etc), and most importantly the fans. Friends from all over were in attendance and even though we didn’t really get a convo in, I definitely felt the love the community had for each other.

Big thanks to adidas PH for the opportunity to play a part in the Manila Culture Experience and the JG4 Manila Tour. This event truly brought parts of Manila street culture and pushed good vibes all around.

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*huge props to my homie Eco Del Rio for the amazing coverage. Salamat!