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Welcome to the Flow State – Under Armour launches their latest innovation

Posted on Mar 6, 2021 in Under Armour

A brand new technology for a brand new running experience. More and more each day, brands have put in the research, design and development to come up with innovations to help us become better athletes.

Under Armour welcomes 2021 with their latest running innovation with the UA Flow Velociti Wind, one of the lightest shoes in the market boasting an all-in-one cushioning system that eliminates the rubber outsole.

Wait, what? no rubber outsole?

With the new shoe, Under Armour introduces us to their latest technologies starting off with FLOW. The ‘flow state’ is that feeling that gives you that feeling that you can keep going. It’s the feeling of light, effortless speed. The feeling of thewind at your back. Every runner needs that flow state.

The main focus for UA here is to reduce weight but still keeping the shoe comfortable. The heaviest part of the shoe usually is the shoe’s outsole, and with the UA Flow midsole (and over three years of testing and development), is this one-piece foam that’s responsive, grippy, and still supporting sans the outsole. We saw the same concept used on Stephen Curry’s latest shoe with the brand, but really is championed in the running category. Flow works in conjunction with the Velociti Wind’s upper, which is UA Warp, a knitted upper that fits and molds perfectly to the human foot with every stride.

I’m sure there are skeptics out there doubting the Flow midsole. You can see here that the shoe features a traction pattern that reflects key areas where runners need support and grip sans all the weight a traditional rubber outsole bears to the runner. The UA Velociti Wind’s weight without the rubber outsole? 8.5oz (241g for a men’s sz9) and 8.02oz (227g for a women’s sz7).

The UA Flow Velociti Wind launched last Wednesday and will be available in the PH early April.