The Kobe Experience

Yesterday was one long day. I woke up quite early, not that I was excited or anything, but more like I just wanted to make sure everything on our to do list would go as planned. I got to the office a little before 9 after hitting the gym. I felt alright. I got word from our friends at the PR firm that we can only send a couple of people inside the room while we do our 1 on 1 with Kobe. That automatically takes me out of the equation. No biggie. I’ve seen Kobe before. No big whup.

We got to the Manila Peninsula around 945 and met up with the rest of the other networks getting cozy with the Mamba. It was short. We had 5 minutes with the Mr. Finals MVP but I believe it was a good interview. The full on Press con at the Rigodon Ballroom was packed! Friends from print, online, TV and the wires were all there. We all caught of a glimpse of the Dream Season (though you all read my post on that a few weeks back) and their special ball made for the outdoors.

A little before 1, Kobe came out and greeted the media. He was in good spirits and looked well rested despite traveling 18 hours on his private jet. Questions were thrown in about his love for Asia, Manny Pacquiao, and his new teammate, Ron Artest. I had the chance to ask him about his low tops. I asked him how it has affected his game and if he would wear low tops for the coming seasons. Yeah, it was a dumb question. Yeah, I knew the answer to that. But it was really for the benefit of the whole group who didn’t understand the concept behind low tops and basketball. He was quite candid. He replied, “how it has affected my game? Well, we did win the championship right?” Everyone laughed and he continued on and mentioned that he wanted to dispell the misconception of breaking your ankles with low tops. He continued on and told the story with his friends about asking them the last time they sprained their ankle. They told him that they did land on someone’s foot, wearing high tops. So, there. He’s a guy who likes to wear his lows. When I play, I like wearing low tops to. I think you can move easily with them and the range of motion is greater. Gilbert Arenas plays in low tops as well, so does Steve Nash (well, they’re a hybrid of lows and mids). I was happy and everyone found out something new.

I opted not to head on out to BHS for his meet and greet, but went to the Philsports arena instead. The place was full as the event started. Jinno, TJ, and Sarah welcomed the fans that wanted to catch a glimpse of Kobe. Everyone was shouting MVP! MVP! when he came out. I had goosebumps and felt like I was in Staples during a Laker game. Kobe gave a mini clinic and gave Nico Salva a workout! I feel sorry for the other Nike Elite guys that just sat there. I’m sure they wanted Kobe to pass them the ball or get pointers from him as well.

It was a pretty short clinic and the event was done in an hour. Everyone left with smiles on their faces and once again, Kobe touched his fans in more ways than one (and no, not the way he touched that girl in Colorado).

After seeing Kobe up close and personal, am I now a fan? Ehhh… it’s more like I respect him, I appreciate him as a player and I’m honored to be around one of the best, if not the best player of this generation.

Oh, I wasn’t wearing Kobes today. I wore Jordans.

(pictures to be added tom. the driver accidentally brought the laptop to the shop. dang.)

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