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Nike For You: the brand launches the Nike App in South East Asia & India today

Posted on Jul 7, 2021 in Uncategorized


With the pandemic pushing all of us to a more digital world over the last 15 months, it was only a matter of time for brands like Nike to pivot and address their (online) community. Back in 2019, Nike launched their local website, that provided users for a means to get access to highly coveted products through the SNKRS section of the platform. Before this, Nike launched both the NRC (Nike Run Club) and NTC (Nike Training Club) for users to be guided on their fitness journey both online and on ground. Today, Nike adds the Nike App to their digital offering as it launches in Singapore, Thailand,Malaysia, India, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Not only will Nike members gain access to product, but the App also tailor fits the experience to the user, whether it’s through training guidance, rewards and other unique experiences

“The launch of the Nike App marks a critical expansion of Nike’s digital ecosystem in SEA&I,” says Sanjay Gangopadhyay, VP of Nike SEA&I. “Through this launch, we are creating meaningful relationships with our local members, and inspiring and equipping them to move.”

So what’s in store for members via the Nike App?

Exclusive access: Members will have a chance to get the latest product drops, early and exclusively within the App, including weekly drops every Friday with key styles such as Air Jordan 1, Air Force 1 and Air Max. To kick off the launch, members can get early access to Space Jam products, exclusively on the Nike App. 

Member rewards: Members will unlock exciting rewards through their personalized “Member Wallet” where they can find exclusive promotions, access to events and more. Starting July 12, members can complete in weekly challenges on the NRC or NTC Apps to gain access to the Champions Locker on the Nike App — an exclusive unlock with members-only access to product and content within the App. 

Inspirational content: Members will have access to stories, guidance and other inspirational content available only in the App. 

“A key focus with developing the Nike App for SEA&I was ensuring that the content, experiences, services and product offers are customized based on what we know Nike members in SEA&I want most from us,” says Xia Ding, VP of APLA Nike Direct Digital Commerce. “Over time, this focus becomes even sharper as we learn from member behavior and engagement, so we are able to personalize the Nike App experience to an even greater extent.”

To make the experience even better, consumers will receive a 10% discount off their next purchase within the App from now until July 22nd. Download the Nike App now to unlock 10 percent off your next purchase.