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TRUE TEST: Crep Protect’s Cure

Posted on Jul 4, 2019 in True Test

We haven’t done #TRUETEST in a while but he had to try this out. It all started when I saw my brother’s NB1 US574s over the weekend. For the life of me, I couldn’t stand a really dirty pair (especially for special customized pairs such as this) and asked if I could clean them.

So I decided to use Crep Protect’c CURE solution for this one. I removed the laces and dumped them into a warm solution to get the dirt off the laces. I let it stay for 30 minutes (I’m sure I could’ve gotten more dirt off if I left it in the solution longer). The shoe’s upper is comprised of mesh, nubuck and suede. So I decided to use Crep’s Premium Brush (read: softer bristles work best with sensitive materials) for the shoe’s upper. I used a basic brush for the shoe’s outsole, which works best for outsoles and rubber materials.

After one round of cleaning, I did another round as there were dirt zones that I wanted to remove. Luckily, most of them came out. I’m sure another round of cleaning should do the trick.

In Summary, Crep’s CURE works, especially when paired with their Premium Brush. It’s always best to use warm water when cleaning so that it softens the dirt and makes it easier to remove the dirt.