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TRUE TEST: Crep Eraser

Posted on Jul 28, 2019 in True Test

Earlier this month, we revived #TRUETEST and put Crep Protect to the Test by cleaning a really dirty pair of New Balance 574s. This week, we continue the Crep Challenge, this time trying out the Crep Eraser. For those not too familiar, the Crep Eraser is the primary cleaner used for Suede and Nubuck materials. Not only should the Eraser remove unwanted dirt, it also re-buffs the material, bringing it back to its original state.

For this test, we used the Crep Protect Eraser on a pair of 574Ws. Because the shoe is a cream-colored pair, the dirt was quite evident and bothersome. We applied the Crep Eraser on to the shoe’s toe box and heel and Crep Cure for the shoe’s midsole and heel counter. For the shoe’s cheneille tongue, we used the Crep Premium Brush (soft bristle) lightly and pressed the liquid off prior to air drying. Check out the before and after pics below:

We first removed the laces and soaked them in a Crep Cure/Water solution
The purple residue is the result of rubbing the Crep Eraser on to the suede
Top view; we also used Crep Cure for the shoe’s laces
Side View: the dirt marks are now gone after using the Crep Eraser and a soft bristle brish for additional buffing
Toe : dirt marks are gone!
As Crep Cure was used on the shoe’s midsole

Another successful True Test using the Crep Protect Eraser! You can purchase the Crep Eraser is now available across Crep Protect stockists or you can purchase them online via the Vault.