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Titan continues their 10th year celebration with the Artist Series Program

Posted on Aug 12, 2019 in Titan

Titan’s embarking on their 10th year and boy has it been a wild and crazy ride. Sure, to most people Titan is simply a basketball concept store/barbershop. For others, like myself, Titan is more than just basketball and they’ve done an amazing job telling their story this past decade. After unveiling the Titan App over the weekend, Titan welcomes this week with the Titan Artist Series — a collection of artists, brands and creatives that celebrate the same passion and vision as Titan. The commemorative tees are offered via a subscription service, pretty much like your monthly SLAM magazine, or your Bacon-of-the-Month package. But you get these awesome special edition tees instead.

The Titan Artist Series kicks off with Singaporean native and customizing legend Mark Ong aka SBTG along with a Commemorative Tee (a subscription exclusive, see below) and ends in August 2020 with DJ/creative Rory Phillips. Bobbito Garcia, Egg Fiasco, Louis De Guzman, Pigalle, and Asphalt Chronicles are also part of the Artist Series. Here’s a summary of the Artist Series and when they’ll be delivered:

You can purchase the Titan Artist Series by purchasing it here or via the Titan App. Here’s a quick look at the Commemorative Tee and the upcoming SBTG tee which drops 08/24: