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Check out Titan x THE’s “Replacement Killers” Collection

Posted on Mar 22, 2018 in Titan

It’s such an easy thing to do, yet so hard to make it work. People often think that slapping your brand on another is the meaning of a collab. We’ve seen “collaborations” sit on shelves and ask “why didn’t this sell out?” Truth is, there has to be something that two brands believe in that truly makes a collaboration work.

For THE and Titan, it simply worked. Two of the best local streetwear and basketball concept stores got together for an 11-piece collection, something you wouldn’t expect from these two, and yet, it works. Utilizing elements both familiar to their respective brands, the “Replacement Killers” collection features the THE’s Grim Reaper clutching on to the Titan lightning logo done in black and white.

The Titan x THE “Replacement Killers” collection officially drops tomorrow, March 23 and will be available at Titan’s Fort store and To know more about this amazing collaboration, click here.