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About a month ago, Nike invited us over for the Kevin Durant event as well as a couple of other things such as the NBA Draft and a look into the Hyperdunk 2014. For the latter, we had the event at Niketown NYC, one of the biggest, if not the biggest Niketown stores out there. Five floors of footwear, apparel, technology and innovation all under one roof. When we were there, they were championing the Magista and the Mercurial, which were in line with the World Cup. Their display at the ground level gave users a chance to try them out inside the Cage — a plexi-glass cage with turf to give you that pitch-like feel.  One interesting fact about Niketown New York is that more people go through the store than people visit the Empire State Building.

If ever you’re in New York, make sure to drop by Niketown NYC.

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images by Regine David


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