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Kobe is the ultimate competitor. His teammates would agree. He’d get in their faces and challenged them to get the most out of them. Bryant understands that success also stems from relationships with teammates away from the court, the kind of bonding that occurs over team dinners with wine.

Tomorrow, Nike Basketball unveils the latest story and colorway for Kobe’s latest shoe, the Kobe X ‘Vino‘. Early in Kobe’s career, he found out that breaking bread over a glass of wine was a great to strengthen the trust and bond with friends and teammates. Those memories provided direct inspiration for the Kobe X Vino, where the color tone stems from green grapes used for white wine. The Nike Kobe X ‘Vino’ retails for Php 10,495 and will be available at Titan as well as other Nike Basketball doors.

grapes_38477 NIKE_NEWS-kobex_mobile_2__copy_38479 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_3Quarter_38157 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Detail_1_38167 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Detail_2_38162 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Detail_3_38165 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Profile_38159 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Medial_38163 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Toe_38164 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_back_38158 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Outsole_38160


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