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I know a lot of you have been waiting for these to drop. after the success of last year’s release, adidas brings us the all-new Florist City Collection for John Wall and Damian Lillard. This year’s collection comprises of the J Wall 1 and D Lillard 1 signature basketball shoes which both feature floral print designs and colors commemorating the spring celebrations in their home cities. Portland’s been known as Rose City thus the all out red colorway with the rose pattern on the eyelets and inner bootie. Wall’s signature shoe features cherry blossoms, popular in the Washington DC area this time of the year.

The adidas Florist City Collection drops tomorrow, Sunday March 29, 4pm at adidas Trinoma in very limited quantities. The JWall 1 ‘Cherry Blossoms’ retails for Php 5,995 while the D Lillard 1 ‘Roses’ retails for Php 5,695.

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