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5 days in, we’ve been getting a lot of great acts shared via the #give_ftgg feed. To see the correct entries, click on the #GIVE_FTGG link and check the feed to see what’s been posted on Instagram. With more of the recent videos posted, you’ll see that it doesn’t have to be about literally giving back (I’m sure a lot of you would think it’s not really a selfless act as you are filming yourself handing stuff out), but really devising or coming up with a way to uplift and work towards the greater good.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re extending the window of submissions for our #GIVE_FTGG campaign. Rather than rewarding an entrant per day, we have decided to announce all seven (7) of our chosen participants on the 16th of February.

We’d like to thank all entrants who uploaded videos of their deeds so far. In the best interest of sparking conversation about the issue at hand, we would like to encourage participants to share recent footage of time they put aside to accommodate the needs of others. Not only do we want to serve as a platform for sharing these stories, but we want to be an opportunity to propagate this social mindset. 

You can still send in your entries as the promotion runs through 2/6-2/16.




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