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Can’t June come any sooner?

Last month, Nike SB and weLegendary released a select number of pairs of the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1. For those new to the game, the Air Jordan 1 not only created waves on the court, but also in the skate scene. True skaters loved wearing the 1s and made it their go to shoe. From its high ankle coverage, padding, the ‘Air’, and the durable premium leather made the shoe the ultimate skate shoe.

Lance Mountain, on the other hand, changed the game further. Not only did he wear Air Jordans while skating, he wore Royal Blues on his left and White/Carolina Blues on his right. That moment in 87 cemented the Air Jordan 1s place in skate history. Mountain wasn’t the only unofficial endorsee of the Air Jordan I — other legends in the making proudly wore the shoe in its most iconic Chicago colorway, giving them an individual touch by drawing and painting on symbols and slogans or swapping the laces for added contrast. The silhouette became the inspiration for several skate-centric shoe designs that followed, down to the unconventional use of color.

This June, a limited number of Nike SB x Air Jordan 1s by Lance Mountain will be dropping in select Nike SB retailers everywhere. Black or White paint cover the entire shoe but after wearing the shoe, the paint comes off to reveal the classic Royal Blue or Black/Red colorway we’re used to with Jordan Brand.

Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_LAT_SK8_original_29009Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_TOP_CLN_original_29007Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_TOP_SK8_original_29011Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_LAT_CLN_original_29005 Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_PAIR_SK8_original_29006 Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_LAT_CLN_original_29008 Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_LAT_SK8_original_29000 Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_PAIR_CLN_original_29004 Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_PAIR_SK8_original_29001 Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_TOP_CLN_original_29002 Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_TOP_SK8_original_29003


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