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50 colors. 50 choices.

If you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you might be surprised to see people wearing solid colored Superstars around the metro. adidas Originals together with Pharrell Williams released a 50-piece Superstar pack called the SuperColor collection, giving you the choice to stand out and celebrate equality and individuality.

Similar to other cities all over the world, we were blessed with 11 base colorways such as the one you see here. The ‘Bold Blue’ pair you see here provides us with a very rich blue tone, keeping it subtle yet provides that pop of color that’ll make you stand out. You can now get the adidas Superstar SuperColor collection at any of the adidas PH stores as well as their other key retailers such as Sole Academy, Greyone Social, and Sneak Peek. Each pair from the SuperColor collection retails for Php 4,995.

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