Let’s Go Suns!

I’ve always been a Suns fan ever since they started playing their 7 seconds or less style of basketball. But I also always knew that that style wouldn’t work in the Postseason. After numerous exits throughout the years (heck, they didn’t even make the Playoffs last year), I still hoped that their fast-paced basketball would work out eventually. Game 4 just tipped off against the San Antonio Spurs- culprits of...

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Laker Fans Rejoice!

These days, wearing the Purple and Gold on your feet ain’t so bad. As Nike has recognized the Philippines as Lakerland territory, LakerĀ  colorways have been churning at an amazing rate. I’m not complaining as the shoes are pretty solid. I don’t rep Showtime (except during the real Showtime era and sometime when Quick and EJ were running the show with Shaq and a young buck named Kobe) but I do respect their game. But...

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