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It’s unfortunate that we don’t have the Silas ADV available locally, but you’ve got to applaud the effort adidas Skateboarding put in to promote the new and updated silhouette. It’s always a great thing when brands just have fun with it.

The Silas ADV is Silas Baxter-Neal’s signature shoe. adidas Skateboarding made it seem like Silas runs things over at adidas and here’s the letter ‘written’ from the desk of Silas:

For several decades, we at adidas have tirelessly worked to design and engineer the greatest shoe in the history of our vast universe. As the proud CEO and genius mastermind of adidas — I am overjoyed to announce something so momentous that it signals a tipping point in human history: the Silas ADV.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, another one of my shoes! But it’s not just another one of my shoes, I have bestowed onto the world the greatest shoe ever. On par with evolutionary moments like the weaving of banana leaves to cover tribal feet or when rubber soles met cloth laces, the Silas ADV is simultaneously the most aesthetically pleasing and most technically advanced shoe to ever grace this green earth.

As the truly great leader that I am, I pulled together the world’s nerdiest scientists, several astronauts and a slew of super computers to deliver a shoe with one focus: board control. The Vector Traction outsole doesn’t just sound super fancy, it provides unparalleled grip with a sexy herringbone pattern for the best- designed to stay out of your way while providing some serious all-over support.

Because no feat is too small at adidas — including hilarious puns! — we kept the same classic skate shoe vibe with a vulcanized board feel, but then tricked out the cushioning with a PU Molded Sockliner for 23rd Century comfort and protection. That’s straight from the future to your feet.

The Silas ADV will be available in two colorways — black/white and gray/white. This is a shoe created by and for serious skaters like me…mostly me. I have caught a few staff members around the water cooler referring to me as SOTY Baxter-Neal, which is a bit embarrassing. I mean, I am human…maybe superhuman.

And without further adieu, I also allowed the world a rare glimpse into my incredibly hectic and vitally important day with an Academy Award-contending video. We’re talking high drama, incredible special effects, suspenseful turns and terrifying scares. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll learn and, most generously, you’ll get

every day as the CEO of adidas. I do everything around this place, including the press releases — my world renowned generosity and modesty isn’t without merit.

The behind the scenes video features a behind the scenes look at Silas’ day-to-day ‘CEO life’ as well as cameos by other adidas Skateboarding team riders and Snoop Dogg. If you’re looking for a shoe with great board feel and traction, hit up your US connects to score the adidas Silas ADV.



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