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The world’s brightest basketball stars will shine in the Big Apple next month. Those who’ve been selected for the sport’s mid-season celebration are part of an elite fraternity. Among them are today’s modern legends—players who compete without fear and with style.

Nike Air embodies this next generation of basketball. More than just a collection of apparel, Nike Air is an attitude. It is the fearlessness to fly above the rim and take a charge below it. It is the boldness to create one’s own look, both on and off the court.


The Spring 2015 Nike Air collection reflects this attitude. Tailored for the confident player, the collection employs what Nike designers call the Pivot System of Dress. This system comprises four main pillars: length, layering, proportion and consistency. Each element of the collection was designed together rather than independently. The results are pieces that work in harmony. For example, the Nike Air Pivot Hoodie features short sleeves, allowing the Nike Air Long-Sleeve Pivot Tee to effectively layer in underneath it.


Proportion is also a key consideration. The collection features longer, more sleek silhouettes, which serve to accentuate the basketball player’s body. Consistent lengths and hem construction in the longer garments further enable seamless layering.


The Nike Air collection is versatile, a word that aptly describes the athletes who don it. Today’s game demands multi-faceted mavens. Posting up or playing point, Nike Air athletes can handle any position on the court at any time in the game.


Anthony Davis is one such player. The third-year pro attacks and protects the rim with equal vigor. At 21 years of age, Davis has blossomed into one of the top players in the league. He attributes much of his success to his confident nature.

“I’ve been confident throughout my life,” Davis says. “It’s something that has always been with me. I am confident in myself, in my game, and in my style.”

In basketball, next is not a given. The ball favors the bold—those who stay true to their style, both on and off the court. One of the most dynamic players in the game, James Harden has a nightly appointment with filling up the stat sheet. His off-court style is every bit as bold.


“My style is just who I am,” Harden says. “I don’t try to force it. If I feel comfortable wearing something, I’ll do it. I don’t worry what other people think and what other people are doing. That’s what’s gotten me to this point thus far in my life. I create my own lane and if I feel something’s right, then I’ll go with it.”

With the next class leading the way, the future of basketball is in a dangerously good place.

“On the court, this next generation is scary. You have so many guys who are about to peak,” Harden says. “Off the court, style is definitely coming back into play as well. Guys are really into fashion and wearing whatever they want to wear. The Nike Air collection is a great example of the unique style on display throughout the league.”

A breakdown of this collection follows below.

Nike Air Pivot Hoodie

Born from the Pivot System of Dress, the Nike Air Pivot Hoodie features short sleeves to allow for easy layering. French terry fabric provides a soft feel and the hood with a drawcord offers adjustable coverage.


Nike Air Reversible Pick-Up Game Short

The Nike Air Reversible Pick-Up Game Short is a pinnacle example of the versatility the Nike Air collection provides. The all-cotton design reverses to mesh, a staple of basketball wear. A subtle difference in the length of the cotton side of the short provides an added layering detail when the mesh side of the short is on display.


Nike Air Long-Sleeve Pivot Tee

The Nike Air Long-Sleeve Pivot Tee is rooted in the heritage of Nike Air. The bold 1982 numerals that run down the sleeves pay tribute to the 1982 debut of the Air Force 1, the first basketball shoe to utilize Nike Air technology. The shirt has an elongated, slimming fit and is designed to layer in underneath other Nike Air apparel. It also features a drop tail for a modern look.


Nike Air Crossover Warm-Up Jacket

The Nike Air Crossover Warm-Up Jacket keeps the athlete warm and covered before or after his pick-up game. It achieves this with a packable hood for coverage and poly knit fabric for durability and warmth. A zippered chest pocket provides storage for small items.


Nike Air AF1 Print Tee

The Nike Air AF1 Print Tee looks to capture the energy surrounding playground basketball in the city with the use of playful graphics. The tee’s artwork includes streetball trophies, city culinary favorites such as pizza, hot dogs and ice cream, and pigeons, one of the metropolis’ most populous birds.


Nike Air Crossover Warm-Up Pant

The Nike Air Crossover Warm-Up Pant employs a ribbed cuff design for a snug, comfortable fit. Poly knit fabric offers durability and warmth, while the stretch waistband delivers enhanced comfort.




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