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If you’ve been reading up on sneaker releases the past couple of weeks, adidas Basketball officially released the Crazy Light Boost to the market last Friday, August 15th. Available in 4 colorways (Blue/Yellow, Red/Black, Damian Lillard’s PE and a Battle Pack cw), the Crazy Light Boost brings the groundbreaking Boost technology to basketball, providing a shoe that’ll help players improve their game. I was fortunate to be gifted a pair that was boxed in special #boost packaging (note: this is not the official box for the Crazy Light Boost). Housed in an elegant white leather box, a special cover which came with a small packet of Boost capsules (not tic tacs), adidas really made it known that this shoe was a game changer.

Aside from the Boost cushioning, a couple of other things are found with the Crazy Light Boost that we’ve never seen before. The upper is made of a soft, premium mesh caged in with a ShockWeb overlay for strength and support so that your foot doesn’t move as much. Instead of the traditional Sprintframe we’ve seen over the past few years, the shoe uses StableFrame, which helps in stability and guides the foot with every foot strike.

A couple of high school players and Titan TPC members were able to try the shoe out during the  inaugural Titan Trial Runs session yesterday (stay tuned for more info on this) and I was able to try the shoe out yesterday afternoon during a rec league my friends and I joined. Out of the box, the shoe felt amazing and ready to run in. You’d be surprised at how responsive the Boost is whether you’re running the break or landing from getting a rebound or taking a jumper. It’s best to head on over to Titan or adidas stores nationwide to get a pair for yourself. The adidas Crazy Light Boost retails for Php 6,995.

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