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Last November 28, GRIND, a new action sports concept store located at the Blue Bay Walk, and STANCE launched their Skate Legends Collection. The new store aims to provide the widest and up-to-date lifestyle and performance action sports products in the PH, converting aspirants into hard core enthusiasts.

Aside from GRIND, I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with STANCE. The sock brand is all about the spirit of individuality with a design philosophy that believes in expression and function. Building outstanding socks with the best fit and performance characteristics from the highest quality materials is the unspoken priority. As mentioned, they launched the Skate Legends Collection, five pairs of socks featuring the legends of the skate scene-  Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, Ray Barbee, and John Cardiel. These legends encompass skateboard history, style, and embody skateboard culture that is ever evolving. Slip on a piece of history with the Skate Legends Collection by Stance.

For more on the collection the day’s event, check out the photo collage below.

STANCE-CABALLERO-2 STANCE-CARDIEL-2 STANCE-GROSSO-2 STANCE-HOSOI-2 STANCE-BARBEE-2grind1grind7grind grind4 grind3 grind2 grind6grind8 grind9 grind10 grind11grind12 grind13 grind15grind16 grind14grind18 grind17 grind19grind20


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