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RUNNR for Runners

Posted on Jul 23, 2009 in Runnr | 0 comments

It’s been a week since RUNNR officially opened their doors to the running public. I had an initial post on RUNNR a few weeks back but with the grand opening last Friday (July 17), this gives runners from all over another reason to flock BHS other than a good run.

RUNNR is the first and only specialty store of its kind with all manner of runners in mind. RUNNR has the best running gear from all the top brands such as Adidas, Asics, Fuelbelt, Hammer, Mizuno, Nathan, New Balance, Nike, Polar and many more. It is also the first to launch the revolutionary line of Newton Running Shoes and CW-X compression apparel in the country.

Ok, so RUNNR has all the running footwear and apparel available to us. Is that it? Not quite so. RUNNR features an exclusive Footworx Fitting process, a combination of three, state-of-the-art technologies: the Footprint Scanning, High-Speed Video Gait Analysis, and the Custom Insole Molding. The store is the first and only store in the country (and possibly the world) to offer all three technologies under one roof.

A team of highly trained staff can take each customer through the Footworx fitting process to be able to offer accurate and comprehensive recommendations based on an individual foot type and gait characteristics. First, foot morphology is analyzed using the RUNNR Podoscope, which uses two combined features: a thermodynamic scanning system for viewing the foot print and direct measurement of foot and arch dimensions which determine foot type. Second, using the high-speed video gait analysis, customers will run on a treadmill while the camera captures the way they run, checking their pronation angle as they go through their normal gait cycle. They can compare different shoes to find the one that works best for them. Lastly, RUNNR offers the “Flashfit” custon insole molding process where insoles are heat-treated to make the perfect insoles while you wait.

These customized services ensure that whatever one’s requirements as a runner, the shoes and optional insoles minimize foot instability for better shock absorption, and minimize fatigue while reducing the chances of injury. It’s really a science. As I had a discussion with Toby Claudio, gone are the days wherein you choose your pair based on the color and “technology”. RUNNR aims to give you the best possible shoe fit for you.

RUNNR is the brainchild of the people behind Toby’s Sports, the country’s largest and most popular sports retail chain.

Other running gear available at RUNNR include Fuelbelt and Nathan hydration packs, Polar heart-rate monitors, and will be the first to market the revolutionary line of Newton running shoes in the Philippines.

For more information, you may visit the RUNNR at building B3 of Bonifacio High Street or log onto

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