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With the 1st Pick, Reebok and the Wizards select…

Posted on Jun 25, 2010 in Reebok | 3 comments

wall2Earlier today, or last night in the US and some other parts of the world, John Wall was picked 1st overall during the 2010 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards. The Wiz got the no.1 pick last May 18 during the Draft Lottery and everyone knew Wall was headed to the White House. Earlier this month Reebok signed Wall to a deal that’ll assure him a couple of paychecks for the next few years.

For those who don’t know who John Wall is, he stands 6’4, plays the point, and led the Kentucky Wildcats to an impressive record as a Freshman. In high school, Wall played at the Reebok Breakout Camp in 2007, where  he garnered national attention.  After competing against the likes of Brandon Knight and Brandon Jennings during Reebok U All-American Camp, a summer basketball camp for the top-tier high school athletes, the prowess that would distinguish him from other high school standouts would begin to take shape. In addition, Wall furthered his growing reputation with his D-One Sports teammates by earning all tournament first team honors at the Reebok Summer Championships in Las Vegas.   To this day, Wall credits Reebok U All-American Camp, the Reebok Breakout Camp and the Reebok Summer Championships as integral steps to his growing national fame.

wallIn college, Wall led the Kentucky Wildcats to a 32-2 record and was on the road to the Final 4 until they lost to West Virginia. Wall averaged 16.6 pts, 6.5 assts, 1.8 stls a game throughout his freshman year (including the postseason tournaments). Today Wall got picked 1st and was one of 5 Wildcats players picked in the 1st round, the most by one school.

wall1Alright, enough with the history. By now you should know who John Wall is. As John Wall (@jimmywall on twitter) posed for the Reebok cam, he’s wearing the Zig Slash, the Zigtech model for basketball. The shoe will release late this year right in time for Wall’s debut as an NBA player. The kid’s got upside as is the shoe he’s wearing. The only negative I see with the shoe is the huge Reebok text by the inner part of the shoe. Otherwise, they’re not so bad. I’ve yet to see the shoe up close but it’s quite promising.

I sure hope John Wall reshapes and revives the brand with Zigtech. Both the shoe and the player are promising. Tune in for more info on the Zig Slash and the Wall Watch continues, now coming to you live from DC. wall4



  1. turner is better in my opinion!:))

  2. when is the zig slash goin to be dropped in the philippines?

  3. it should be out by the nba season. I’ll update you as soon as possible.

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