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Alright guys, it’s time to get generous once again as Sole Movement would like to give away a free pair courtesy of Reebok! As you all know, 2010 has been good to ‘bok, with the emergence of Easytone for the ladies, rebirth of Pump (with their 20th last year), the remix on the Kamikaze (see last post) and just a couple of months back, the Zigtech. With only a couple more weeks before we get the energy drink for our feet on our shores, we would like to give you a free pair of Reeboks!

Ok, what does it take for you guys to get a free pair: Just tell me why you love Reebok and why you need a new pair! You can even email me proof as to why you need a new pair! So email your answers to  and wait for confirmation if you have won. Entries will be posted on the site. Promo duration is from May 26-June 2.

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  1. I got this.

    Thanks Martin!

    Ha ha.

    SMH at the pixelation.


  2. crap! i didn’t know the logo got pixelated when i cropped it. major whoops. let me change.

  3. Nice contest. I’ll link this to my blog

  4. I love reebok because it loves my feet too..It makes my feet comfortable everytime I wear it.

  5. is this open to international reader

  6. is this open to OFW?

  7. wow! i like reebok!! i want one pls…

  8. pretty fair pair,believe it!

  9. sana ako din,gusto ko yan REEBOK!!!

  10. FREE PAIR OF REEBOK??wow! I like it!!!!…….

  11. Thanks!

  12. Why do I love Reebok? Who doesn’t? And hey, I don’t have a new pair of shoes, so I think that’s the best reason why I should win one. Oh, btw, it’s size 8 for me. 😉

  13. Why do I like Reebok? I remember the first pair Reebok i had was in high school during my PE class, very durable And, now Id be needing another pair a Reebok running shoes for women {size8} any color :D. it’s been a year now that I jog+ brisk walk daily after work and the shoes I wear is starting to hurt my feet.
    It would be so happy to get a new pair of Reebok and for FREE!

  14. Why do I like Reebok? It is durable, Reliable & Comfortable!

  15. i like reebok shoes because its durable and comfortable to my feet.

  16. Hi! I sent my answer through your email. Thank you and more power!

  17. how many winners will be chosen and what is the criteria? thanks and more power! =)

  18. Why you love Reebok?
    Simple answer, because it’s comfortable and durable. Choosing the right shoes for me is not just about the style or because it’s a status symbol but rather it’s about how the shoes converts a person to do his activity more effectively. We seldom forget to think of our feet carrying all the weights. I think REEBOK is the shoes to at least pamper every working feet, that’s why I love REEBOK…

  19. REEBOK is the best. Go to your nearest mall or shoe shop and try to compare REEBOK to other brand. My feet just love it when fitting the shoes….

  20. Ill send mine…hehehe

  21. Isent mine hope you recieved it…hehehehehe

  22. Hi! I sent my answer through your email. Thank you and more power!

  23. Have sent my entry via email. Keeping my fingers crossed for the a new REEBOK pair!

  24. HeLlo po Admin, My WinNER na po bA??Hehe..Sna nkta nyu ung Video atTAchment q at PictURE….hehehehe…

  25. no winner yet. we’ll announce the winner next week. there’s over a hundred entries! gotta go thru each and every one.

  26. Your message…

  27. awd

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