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Posted on Oct 22, 2014 in Reebok | 0 comments


Shaq, Nick and Shawn. Those three guys carried the Reebok flag soon after Dee Brown was done pumping his Omni Lites. We all knew Shaq, as he dominated the League and into 4 LOBs. We’re also familiar with the Reignman, Shawn Kemp. The man child was dunking and alley-ooping his way to stardom.

Then there was Nick. NVE. Nick the Quick. Nick Van Exel was one of the key cogs for LA’s return to the promised land (and traded him once they got there). Reebok gave him the Blast– a shoe that was as quick and flashy as his game. Like the Shaqnosis and the Kamikaze, the Blast used the positive/negative look to tell their story. Finally releasing the shoe the first time since its debut in ’95 (sorry, Swizzy, the remix wasn’t worth it) The Blast finally hit the stores last Monday and they’re now available at Reebok stores around the metro. Get yours today for Php 5,995.

rbk_blast1 rbk_blast2  rbk_blast4 rbk_blast5 rbk_blast7rbk_blast9rbk_blast10rbk_blast3rbk_blast8



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