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Posted on Sep 21, 2014 in Reebok | 0 comments


Yes, Allen Iverson officially retired late last year and it’s such a shame that he never got back on the big stage after his 2001 appearance against Shaq & Kobe. But like those two, MJ and LeBron, AI was special. So special that even though he didn’t win the Larry O’Brien trophy, expect AI to make it to the Basketball Hall of Fame as a ‘First Ballot’ entry. To celebrate one of the all-time greats, Reebok shows some love to the future HOFer by creating a special make up of his first ever signature shoe, the Question. With Sixers colors throughout, a textured overlay and speckled midsole, these Questions are sure to be on the feet of any AI fan out there. With the Answer flying in this November, make sure to pay homage to AI and get the Reebok Question ‘First Ballot’ before it’s too late. You can now get these at Reebok stores around the metro for 25% off at Php 6,295.25 (SRP is Php 8,395).

rbk_question_hof2 rbk_question_hof1 rbk_question_hof question_hof



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