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Prepare to Reezig

Posted on Jun 22, 2010 in Reebok | 9 comments


Yup. Finally. Reebok’s Zigtech is launching tomorrow at Trinoma. By tomorrow, you’ll be able to pick up them at all Reebok stores. I’m pretty excited for the brand. Now, just give John Wall a pretty kick ass shoe and you’re back in the game ‘bok!


  1. martin, i tried calling Festival Mall. Is the price really 6500php and will the discount of 20% not be available for this?

  2. I’ll confirm tomorrow. the 20% should be available. Let me clarify.

  3. okay. thanks man!! 🙂

  4. can post pics what colorway will release tnx

  5. I’ll post it in a bit. But the shoe is 4,995php. No discount I think. Also, 3 colorways dropped- white/blue for men (black/comet) to come out next week, 2 cws for women- white/ultramarine, and white/blue-green (or somewhere along those colors). Wait for update later.

  6. is there a reebok store in Trinoma?

  7. yessir! it’s on the same floor as White Hat, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. It’s along the same lane where all the other sports brands are at.

  8. when will the black/del sol reezing running shoe be released ?

  9. soon. should be this week.

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