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And the winner of the Reebok Promo is…

Posted on Jun 12, 2010 in Reebok | 0 comments


JUAN CARLO BERNARDEZ SANTOS! It’s pretty obvious why he won. He put in the effort and for someone to pentel in some Omni Lites on his feet, that’s pretty cool. I know it took a while but what’s important is that we have a winner! With a little under a hundred entries in a week, Reebok was pretty happy with the response, they’re giving away a 1,000 Php Gift Certificate for the 2nd and 3rd place winners. And those go to:

2nd Place: Aldrin Balderas. A lot of people had interesting reasons or ways to express their case. Aldrin’s efforts gets him a 1,000 GC!

R –  Reebok is a a keyword when it comes to sports shoes, that’s why I love it

E – every Reebok user has a great walking, running, striding experience that makes me wanna feel those soles

E – each shoe personality is available that would fit your style, purpose, and match.

B – because I’ve been using leather shoes for years as my work entails

O –oh I think it’s time for me to have that new pair

K –keep my feet happy as they stroll around the metro.

3rd Place: Dice Aguila. Dice had made a pretty long entry that had photos of her and her adventures. With that, she gets a 1,000 Php GC from Reebok for her efforts.

“I Am, What I Am.” I am Dice.  If I had a blog, I’d post this.  But I don’t maintain one so I have not joined any contest which requires linking the entry to a blog post. Actually, this is my first ever attempt to join. Only because of Reebok.

“Planet Reebok”.  I live on Planet Reebok.  Here’s a picture of me and my beloved last August 2009 in Bantayan Islands in Cebu with our matching Reebok backpacks.  Planet Reebok = Planet love.

Stumbling upon was a welcome treat as it gives me a chance to win a pair of shoes which I badly need. My last Reebok pair was “Ondoy-ed.”   Since then, I’m left to wearing flipflops and a pair of sandals.

No shoes.  Since Ondoy hit, I am yet to own a good pair of shoes. But then again,  there’s no stopping to the adventures I love to try – “Because Life Is Not Just a Spectator Sport”.

Trying out Snow World in Manila with only socks and sandals..

Braving the zipline in Tagaytay sans the shoes…

My intro flight with German Pilot Helmut

With the adventures I am yet to undertake, I would definitely need a good pair of shoes.  Gaining weight, I would like to try running and “Run Easy”. I yearn to possess the must have shoe of the year,  EasyTone Reinspire, “to get a better butt and better legs”.   Getting better butt and better legs may sound a bit vain,  but who wouldn’t want their bodies “EasyToned”?

I love Reebok for its style and quality and its seamless designs which fit me perfectly. I love Reebok not only for their footwear but also for its line of workout apparel (especially the Short Bra for women….oh, shouldn’t I have mentioned that? Should I stick only to shoes?),  which keep me cool and dry.  I love Reebok bags, too, as they are perfect for travel or for everyday use. ( My bag holds my laptop securely with its velcro belt).  I heart Reebok. What’s there not to love?  I love Reebok!

I really need a good pair of shoes.  And I really need a pair of GOOD shoes. I badly want Reebok.  If I win, then that would be Very Good Very Very good”.

Whodunit?” Who would have made it possible?  I have to  thank for.


Once again, thank you for joining the promo. I have a couple more promos waiting in the wings so please do check the site every so often.

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