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And John Wall picks…Reebok!

Posted on Jun 10, 2010 in Reebok | 3 comments

john-wall-signs-with-reebok-11Everyone expected Nike or adidas to snatch Wall once the Sternbot calls out his name this month. But at the end of the day, the projected 1st pick in this June’s Draft, John Wall, signed with Reebok. It’s funny, earlier today a friend and I were discussing this deal. We just hope that whatever Reebok has in store for Wall, it better be big. Wall’s a do-it-all guy who can work the floor with the best of ’em. Aside from Yao, signing Wall has been the biggest thing since signing AI a good 14 years ago. Signs of better things to come for Reebok? I sure hope so. I enjoyed the Zigtech (which is dropping real soon), and the ladies got their Easytones. A basketball version of the Zigtech, the Zigtech Slash, could possibly be Wall’s first shoe with the brand. Let’s see how things work out for the young’n and Reebok.

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  1. Haven’t rocked or even liked a Reebok since Reignman II.

  2. oh there are a couple of nice pairs man. Zigtechs dropping reeeeeaaaal soon!

  3. Man! Wall’s gonna reinvent Reebok from a slumping brand under a very controversial A.I.

    IMBA. Mixed emotions.

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