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Weekly Drop: Puma

Posted on Jun 10, 2010 in puma | 4 comments

puma6I said it before and I’ll say it again- if you’re not feelin’ the Clydes, Baskets, or any of the classic designs by Puma, but still wanna rock Puma, you have a choice. You don’t have to wear C*&cks, there’s a version for you guys. The 917. Whether it’s the mid or the lo, doesn’t matter. Just don’t wear the other.

I swung by last weekend and saw these four pairs- fairly new, and uniquely cool. The 917 uses a canvas base such as the f^*cks, but now they’ve added other materials and designs to it to make it stand out. Using a coarsely knit upper, or sacko, as well as a heshen midsole, the 917 Lo Sacko definitely gives the shoe a different look. The brown/cream cw uses various leathers as well to give the shoe some much needed texture.puma7



The black/pattern one is easily a pattern lifted from Kehinde Wiley’s design and was also used for his DIY slipper for Puma. Now the pattern surfaces for the 917 Lo Sacko. What’s not to like? There’s additional detail on the stitching if you look closely at the toe box area. puma4


puma2pumaHere are two 917 mids that aren’t part of Wiley’s collection but great just the same. 917s aren’t that expensive either, so what’re you waiting for? The one on the left has an 8-bit/super mario-ish design to it and the other has really cool comic-book feel to it. Both are part of Puma’s 917 Graphic Pack. So pick them up before you even consider Ch^#ks.

Sorry again to the other brand. Please come out with something to write about. And I’m not talking about the Product (RED) packs. Those I respect, but please. There’s gotta be something else. puma1


  1. Puma Dallas is a good shoe.. never got one but would love to..

  2. cool, a breathe of fresh air if you’re not a chucks fan.. what puma outlet can i purchase this..thanks

  3. almost all puma branches should have these available.

  4. I want to buy this all shoes please tell me these price.

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