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some more kicks at Puma BHS

Posted on Dec 12, 2009 in puma | 6 comments


I took these shots over a week ago. I decided to test out my camera. Still learning how to fully use it. These kicks are for the ladies out there. Check ’em out at any of the Puma stores nationwide. Their sale is still ongoing so best to check it out this weekend!

Which reminds me, where is it best to check out sneakers this weekend? I’m planning to drop by the following:

Trinoma (for Originals), Hideout (for the AJ1s and Tokis), and maybe BHS if I end up in that area. We’ll see.




  1. man, i’ll wait for your updates on orginals. thanks to your blog.

  2. woah, didnt know hideout has tokis also. thanks.

  3. Thanks! I have one in a couple of days. Thanks for checking out the blog on a regular basis!

  4. yup, tokis are fresh. out with the dunks and af1s! it’s time for tokis and janoskis!

  5. btw, what colorways do they have for tokis?

  6. I believe they only have the black ones.

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