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Posted on May 14, 2015 in puma | 0 comments


After moving the release dates a couple weeks later, the PUMA x Alife collaboration is set to drop tomorrow, May 15th at the Sole Academy BGC store. Celebrating the LES-based streetwear/lifestyle brand’s 15th anniversary in the business, Alife injected their own ethos and style into PUMA’s lifestyle line. 2 pairs from the collection make it to our shores, namely the Trinomic Disc Blaze and the Blaze of Glory OG.

The Trinomic Disc Blaze’s colorway is inspired by the Piranha tank found at the Alife store. The guys at Alife had the Museum of Natural History create the tank and now popped the colors into the Disc Blaze. Alife logos are found at the tongue, heel and a piranha-filled insole carries the names of both PUMA and Alife on each side.


The Blaze of Glory OG’s inspiration come from another part of Alife’s history- the Alife Sessions. The Alife Sessions are intimate parties the brand hosts in their courtyard. The black leather encapsulates the leath on the Marshall Amps they used while the mesh represents the mesh on those amplifiers as well. The blue, red, and yellow pops represent audio cables as well as the colors they would use for their original Alife Sessions shirts. The shoe also comes with extra yellow laces and an Alife lace bag.

Both pairs will be available at Sole Academy store tomorrow, May 15th from 5pm onwards. The Alife x PUMA Trinomic Disc Blaze retails for Php 8,795 while the Alife x PUMA Blaze of Glory OG retails for 7,195. The pack is available to all and will be available on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss out as this is one of the more detailed, and beautifully drawn collections in a long while.

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