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Puma Suede Angler and Basket

Posted on Oct 22, 2009 in puma | 1 comment


Saw these at the GB5 Puma store 2 days after the GB5 Rolex shooting. I’m thinking, Greenbelt 5 is actually the safest place to be in now. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t even dare steal or rob anything after what happened last Sunday. Anyways, here’s something to keep your mind off that. Puma dropped 2 interesting pairs (among many) that caught my attention. Pictured right above (and below)  is the Puma Suede Angler Pack.  Puma’s been churning out a couple of colorful pieces (which I’ve mentioned before) and here’s a couple to add to that collection. Anglers are basically fishermen. And I’m sure you’ve seen the hooks or artificial baits some fishermen use to lure their scaly prey. And for the Angler Pack, Puma got their inspiration from these colorful angler baits. With the print on top and the scale-like design at the heel, they definitely acted like their artificial counterparts. They lured me in to check the detail on this 2-pack piece. For fat lace fans, they got ’em.



Another piece that posed as a surprise was this version of the Puma Basket. I personally don’t like the bulkiness of the sole (the same way I do not favor AF1 to Dunks) on the Baskets, especially when you compare them to Clydes or Suedes. But I believe this is Puma’s answer to the Adidas Adicolor with the interchangeable stripes. The Formstripe (the long stripe that has been Puma’s trademark, well, aside from the actual Puma) is interchangeable. The shoe comes with 2 velcro formstripes (one orange and one orange/yellow splatter). What’s great about this velcro feature is that it can also do without it, giving  the shoe the 3rd look.




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  1. where can i buy puma suede or clyde with fatlace in philippines

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