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Puma Greenbelt 5 drops

Posted on Nov 6, 2009 in puma | 0 comments


I dropped by Greenbelt 5 again last Wednesday as I got word that the stores had new stuff available (though there is an ongoing mall-wide sale over at glorietta). Well, nothing really new over at Puma except for these k-Streets and Clydes.

The Clydes are a Limited Edition pack part of the Africa Collection. Adorned with African geometric prints on the lace lapel and distressed leather, these iconic Pumas are easy on the eyes. The Clydes come in two colors, black and green, with the gray overlays around the outsole (yes, they are not defects). The lining is either blue or yellow to complement the accents of this limited edition piece.

The other pair, the Saloh is part of their lightweight running line. They definitely remind me of the H-Street (which were the ish way back ’99-’01).  Clean, sleek and light weight. What more do you need in a sneaker?




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