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Puma Basket 68 Stitch

Posted on Feb 17, 2010 in puma | 2 comments


I’m sure you’ve seen this pair once or twice before but it only caught my eye last weekend. These are the Puma Basket 68 Stitch. Yes, they can get quite literal with the sneaker types over at Puma. But why circle around the obvious, right? For those who love the classic silhouettes, the Baskets are up there with the greats. The stitch creates and adds texture to the shoe, giving it a different look. Aside from the gargantuan stitching all over the upper, the laces here are some thick ass thread. This shoe definitely gives stitching a whole new meaning in sneakerdom. The shoe’s available at Puma Trinoma and at other locations around town.





  1. saw yur gallery and was wondering where is The Store? what are the contact details?

  2. You can click on the link on my page. That should give you more details about the Store.

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