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I was 2 weeks too early. I was in Cebu at the start of the month for some much-needed R&R. I was able to get that, up until I lost my phone. But imagine if I delayed my trip two weeks after. The following could’ve happened:

  • more sun time (though I had my fair share)
  • I wouldn’t have lost my phone
  • Had more time to plan out my vacation
  • I would’ve been there for the store opening of Puma over at Ayala Center Cebu.


Well, I was at Ayala Center Cebu during my last trip but I was 2 weeks early. Last October 15, Puma opened their 9th store in the Philippines at the Ayala mall. The Puma Store is located at the ground level of the newly opened Active Zone at Ayala Center Cebu. Let me digress- Ayala Center Cebu is pretty cool. I felt like I was at the Greenbelt area or ATC. For all the Cebuanos out there, you can proudly say that you don’t need to leave town for the great Mall experience of Manila.

Ok, let me go back to the real message here. The place is stacked with footwear, apparel and accessories comparable to its counterparts in Manila and other shopping destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, NewYork and even Europe. Currently, the store has the Fall 09 collection on display and carry items of the following categories: Men’s and Women’s, Archive (Heritage), Teamsports (Football), Motorsport (Ferrari, Ducati, Red Bull Racing, STR Racing) and even Sailing. Basing the store display from the photos below, why would you even leave Cebu when you have a stacked store right at the heart of Cebu?

I mentioned that I wasn’t a witness to the Cebuano Sneaker Scene when I was there (I heard there is a scene, just didn’t see it). With Puma setting up shop in Cebu expect the scene to grow even larger with the Cat right around the neighborhood.pumacebu7







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  1. Wow, I was just planning to visit this place. Your just in time to feature it.

    Good to have you in town. I hope that you enjoy your stay here in cebu.

  2. Thanks! Cebu’s a lovely place. 2 Full days is not enough to go around and really experience the city. So, is there a sneaker scene in Cebu?

  3. I don’t fully understand what a sneaker scene is so I really can’t answer that question.

  4. Oh! I didn’t know. Well, how do I describe this? Is there a sneaker/sneakerhead community in Cebu? Are there a lot of people who wear rare/special pairs? Is there a specialty store for sneakers in Cebu? Like in Manila, the “sneaker scene” is slowly growing- more and more people are getting into the whole sneaker culture, more and more stores are opening for sneakers, etc.

  5. Thanks for the explanation. I’m not aware of a sneaker culture here but if I bump into it, I’ll be getting back on you about it.

  6. I never heard of sneaker scene before although im from cebu city.

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