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Just Blaze!

Posted on Nov 14, 2009 in puma | 2 comments


Picked these up a few days ago. The Puma Disc Blaze Days Pack is now available at Puma stores nationwide. I could’ve gotten the much wilder colorway but I chose to go low-key this time around. They’ll definitely look good with jeans or shorts, and you don’t have to worry ’bout them looking a bit off with whatever you’re wearing.

Let’s talk about the shoe now. This is the Puma Disc Blaze, and this version is part of the Days Pack. The Disc Blaze is a classic silhouette that came out more or less the same time as the Blaze of Glory Pumas. The carries the Disc System technology- a disc mechanism placed on top of the lace area (no laces here, btw) which you turn to tighten or loosen up for your needs. A bit gimmicky, yes. A sham? Hell no. It actually works and feels real snug on your foot.

The Disc Blaze is known for it’s wild and crazy colorways and this definitely surprised me. The black/clear tigerstripe on the plastic cage would be the only flash to this black/black/glacier gray piece. With the Ber months upon us, it’s always best to tone down your ensembles and come correct. The white disc and tiger stripes should be enough for your puppies.






  1. Hey there! I’m just wondering where you bought your puma disc? I want one but could only find the brown/yellow, white/blue, and the crazy pink/yellow colorway at some puma stores… thanks! … that’s a cool colorway!

  2. It’s available at most Puma stores. They have that colorway at Bonifacio High Street.

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