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Finally. (Part 2 of 2)

Posted on May 25, 2010 in puma | 2 comments

myYou might be wondering why I separated Mihara’s collection from the other two. I personally like Mihara’s style better and I really took a fancy taking photos of the event with MY in mind. After all, dude’s got 10 years with the cat under his belt, right?my13


Not to be outdone by the other two, the Puma by Mihara Yasuhiro ‘New Retro’ collection revisited his decade of past creations with PUMA since it all kicked off in 2000, to create vibrant new styles in which the avant-garde form and the retrospective coexist together. I’ve discussed the line here before. Mihara celebrates 10 years collaborating with Puma and I’m happy they decided to rework some of his classic works for 2010.my12


I actually wore my MYs during the launch and was so close to switching my pair for one of those on display. They were that nice. For those who were too lazy to read the previous post, Puma introduced a special anniversary character “Pumaneko” to the mix for Mihara’s 10 years with the brand. The character was designed by Japanese artist Peloqoon and was directed in his hometown of Tokyo by filmmaker Eric Lerner in a playful animated movie, where Pumaneko hangs out, strolls around and flirts, with his color changing to reflect his different moods.my9









  1. That last shoe is sick. Hope it’s still out over @ Puma Greenbelt 5.

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