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A couple of  months ago, we featured and did a review on Tony Parker’s signature shoe, the PEAK TP1. I’m not really sure how Peak does the sequence of their silhouettes, but we have another pair from PEAK following an earlier shoe for Peak, the TP9 II. Inspired by Parker’s pursuit of speed and high speed sports cars, Parker’s third basketball shoe from PEAK may look simple but packs a serious punch.


You’ll see a lot of details throughout the shoe that is genuinely Tony, such as the TP logo on the lateral side and the ‘lucky number 9’ on the medial side of the shoe. Not letting go of his nationality and his love for France, the heel piece design was done to look like the Eiffel Tower, one of country’s most recognizable landmarks (if not the most recognizable one). On majority of the shoes, you’ll see a lot of white, silver and black — all classic Spurs colors — bringing in a sense of team, purity and class that’s been the trademark of the San Antonio franchise.


In terms of technology, PEAK used their Gradient Dual Cushion System for the TP9 II. The Gradient Dual Cushion System basically puts two pieces of rebound materials with different elasticity on the forefoot for better acceleration while two other pieces of material for shock absorption are found on the shoe’s heel.

In terms of stability, the Foothold TPU or frame keeps the foot in place by connecting the forefoot with the hind. The Heel TPU provides additional stability and support. In terms of traction, PEAK uses a traditional herringbone pattern, which to this day, has been proven to be the best form of flexibility and grip when starting and stopping. You can just imagine how much Parker needs that kind of support on the court.


The PEAK TP9 comes in five colorways (seen below), all tracing back to Parker’s roots or his team. There will be a sixth colorway (red and gold)  in celebration of Chinese New Year coming in the next few weeks. The PEAK TP9 II is now available at all major sports and department stores (SM, Olympic Village, Toby’s, Gaisano, Sta. Lucia, and KCC Gen San) and retails for Php 5,295. That price tag alone sets the TP9 II as the most affordable signature shoe in the market today.

Stay tuned in the coming days for our Sole Review on the PEAK TP9 II. For more information on PEAK, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram (peakshoesph).

tp9_2c tp9_2d tp9_2e tp9_2gTP9-II-official-posterTP9_II-White_Black

TP9 II ‘Home’


TP9 II ‘Away’


TP9 II ‘Alternate Away/Spurs Silver’TP9_II-Cereamic-Green_Black

TP9 II ‘Retro Spurs’


TP9 II ‘France’




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