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Posted on Feb 10, 2015 in Peak, Performance Review | 0 comments

The signature shoe. We’ve been seeing almost all the brand get in on the action by offering top tier athletes with their own signature silhouette. What’s great about signature shoes is that you normally get the most tech built into one shoe, offering us consumers the best bang for our buck. Recently, we featured the latest signature shoe for Spurs guard Tony Park from PEAK, the TP9 II. The shoe works out to be the most affordable signature shoe in the market and we asked our friend Drew to take the shoe out for a spin for this edition of Sole Review.



For the TP9 II, PEAK used their GRADIENT DUAL Cushion System. The cushioning system was based on the plantar force law in movement, wherein they used two pieces of rebound materials with different elasticity on the forefoot while another two pieces for shock absorption for better cushioning. As told to us by Drew, the cushioning was great as they were very comfortable and the it easily molded to his feet. The cushioning definitely helped in impact absorption when landing from a jump or even while running.

Grade: 9



As we haven’t familiarized ourselves with the fit of the PEAK TP9 series, we decided to go true to size but ended up going half a size up. I’m not sure how your foot runs, but best to try a half or full size bigger. Although the shoe looks pretty good, the material on the side panels aren’t as soft and pliable. But mind you, we only had a couple of hours to try them on. Frequent usage would eventual help soften the material.

Grade: 7.5



Similar to the Speed Eagle II we tried on a few months back, the traction on the shoe worked pretty well. The shoe uses a traditional herringbone pattern on areas where grip is most needed. When used on a wooden floor, they worked very well, I can imagine the same for outdoor courts as the outsole material is pretty tough and could withstand starting and stopping on various surfaces. Lateral movements were pretty standard as well.

Grade: 8



The TP9 II’s 3D Transparent TPU and ankle TPU definitely helps support the ankle and lends superior balance while running and jumping.  I can imagine Parker telling the PEAK design team of this concern as we all know how fast TP can get on the court. We also chose Drew to try the shoe out as he is our team’s resident speedster and would use the TP9 II in similar fashion.

Grade: 9



Although the shoe’s upper has the ventilation pockets, the TP9 II’s was a little underwhelming.  It doesn’t suffocate the feet but it could definitely use extra ventilation to make the experience more comfortable. We can see what PEAK wanted to do here, but with our climate, it might be best to go with a little more ventilation with the use of mesh and other breathable materials.

Grade: 7


Overall, the PEAK TP9 II still performed well. The main plus points for the PEAK TP9 II were its cushioning and stability, which for most of us, are the main reasons why we buy proper performance shoes. With the unbeatable price point (so far), the PEAK TP9 II is a good deal, especially if you’re looking for a shoe to really just run out and put a good workout in. The PEAK TP9 II retails for Php 5,295 and is now available at all major sports and department stores (SM, Olympic Village, Toby’s, Gaisano, Sta. Lucia, and KCC Gen San). Follow PEAK on Twitter and Instagram (@peakshoesph) or like them on Facebook for the latest info from the brand.


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