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Closer Look: The PEAK Ultralight 2.0 is the everyday shoe you didn’t think you needed

Posted on Aug 25, 2022 in PEAK


Over the last few years, we’ve seen Chinese footwear brands grow in leaps and bounds, both in design and innovation. I can trace them back as far as a decade ago, when the shoes looked ok, but fet like cardboard on feet. Go back maybe 5 years ago, the innovation was slowly getting there, but the design went overboard, sometimes looking more like a shoe you’d only see (and wear) for Fashion Week. But we march towards today, both design and innovation are at par, maybe even better with their competitors. About a week ago, we featured several pairs from PEAK Sports, from the rubber foam clogs to hoop shoes. Today, we look at one of their running shoes – the Ultralight 2.0.

The Ultralight 2.0 is the brand’s take on the knitted runner. The technology has been around for a while but has only gotten better over time. The shoe makes for the perfect all-around sneaker – be it for walking, travel, or the quick workout. I was fortunate to try the shoe out and they felt really comfortable on feet. Compared to other knitted uppers, these weren’t hugging the foot too much, but still felt stable. But where this shoe wins is the shoe’s cushioning. The Light P-Motive cushioning was pretty soft and felt like walking on clouds. Similar to other cushioning systems out there, the Ultralight 2.0 doesn’t have a separate midsole system but works with the outsole, just like the Flow system from UA. I’m curious to see how the midsole/outsole system works over time, especially with the shoe not having a thicker outsole for various surfaces.

The PEAK Ultralight 2.0 retails for Php 1,955. YES. IT’S THAT AFFORDABLE. If you’re looking to pick this pair up or any of the other PEAK offerings, you can purchase them here.