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Store Check: Onitsuka Tiger GB5

Posted on Oct 22, 2009 in Onitsuka Tiger | 3 comments

Mexico 66

It’s pretty obvious that I dropped by Greenbelt 5 and did my regular sneaker run. So tomorrow, you’ll most likely see Hideout drops here. Onitsuka Tiger’s window was scathed by one of the bullets of the Rolex incident. I guess the robbers weren’t sneaker lovers to begin with. Anyhoo, a lot of new kicks were at the store as well. My only take with OT is their broken sizes. I can’t get a decent pair in my size! Anyways, for all you lucky ones out there, check out the gallery as well as the images below for the some of the nice ones available at the store.

Mexico 66

Mexico 66

Mexico 66


  1. how much are the mexicos there?. tnx..

  2. they’re about 5,200 and up. Depends on the style but the regular ones are about 5,200.

  3. hi! what exactly the model # or color code of the first shoe with the yellow stripe like it much and if not too much wonder if still available thanks

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